What happens when the truth is killed? 

Humanlies is not only a brand, it is a critical mind movement.
Our community wants people to be sensitized to controversial issues about the society in the system.
We want to expand and speak out.
All our shirts have a message for you. Nothing is created without a reason. Everything with us has a deeper meaning.
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We fight for freedom of expression

Freedom of expression is a human right and is guaranteed in constitutions as a fundamental right directed against the authority of the state, in order to prevent the formation of public opinion and the associated conflict with government and legislation from being impaired or even prohibited. In close connection with freedom of expression, freedom of information ensures access to important information, without which critical opinion-forming would not be possible. The ban on censorship prevents state authorities from monitoring opinions and information. In contrast to a dictatorship, in a democracy the power of the state expressly prohibits the means of preventive information control through censorship.