WARNING : ​This one might be a kind of tough red-pill for some to swallow!

This diagram reveals the history of a powerful Death Cult that has ruled Earth for all recorded human history.  The timeline is trisected, and proceeds from top to bottom.  Terms written in BOLD in the side margins correspond to the main terms inscribed on the central structure.  Exposition and additional relevant information is presented in proximity to each bold term in the margin.   On the bottom of this diagram you will find a separate “Deity Chart” which outlines analogous deities and deity attributes throughout Western cultures.

Propagation of Error and the Reliability of Global Air Temperature Projections

Propagation of Error and the Reliability of Global Air Temperature Projections

The reliability of general circulation climate model (GCM) global air temperature projections is evaluated for the first time, by way of propagation of model calibration error. An extensive series of demonstrations show that GCM air temperature projections are just linear extrapolations of fractional greenhouse gas (GHG) forcing. Linear projections are subject to linear propagation of error. A directly relevant GCM calibration metric is the annual average ±12.1% error in global annual average cloud fraction produced within CMIP5 climate models. This error is strongly pair-wise correlated across models, implying a source in deficient theory. The resulting long-wave cloud forcing (LWCF) error introduces an annual average ±4 Wm–2 uncertainty into the simulated tropospheric thermal energy flux. This annual ±4 Wm–2 simulation uncertainty is ±114 × larger than the annual average ∼0.035 Wm–2 change in tropospheric thermal energy flux produced by increasing GHG forcing since 1979. Tropospheric thermal energy flux is the determinant of global air temperature. Uncertainty in simulated tropospheric thermal energy flux imposes uncertainty on projected air temperature. Propagation of LWCF thermal energy flux error through the historically relevant 1988 projections of GISS Model II scenarios A, B, and C, the IPCC SRES scenarios CCC, B1, A1B, and A2, and the RCP scenarios of the 2013 IPCC Fifth Assessment Report, uncovers a ±15 C uncertainty in air temperature at the end of a centennial-scale projection. Analogously large but previously unrecognized uncertainties must therefore exist in all the past and present air temperature projections and hindcasts of even advanced climate models. The unavoidable conclusion is that an anthropogenic air temperature signal cannot have been, nor presently can be, evidenced in climate observables.

MK Ultra Mind control of the CIA

 MK Ultra: Mind control and human trials in Germany - Is there such a thing?

MK Ultra is the name of a top secret research program conducted by the CIA during the Cold War. The US Secret Service used questionable methods to carry out experiments to control people's thoughts and psychologically influence them. The experiments were officially stopped in the 70's - if rumours are believed, especially in the net culture, MK Ultra is still running today. What is it all about?
This is behind hoaxes, fakes and fraud on the Internet.

Greta Thunberg's "organizer" is financed by George Soros & Bill Gates

Luisa Neubauer - active,  green and youth ambassador for "ONE

At almost every performance of Greta Thunberg in Germany you always see her in the immediate vicinity: Luisa Neubauer. She organizes the climate strikes in Germany and also the performances of Greta Thunberg in this country. Neubauer is a youth ambassador for "ONE," whose donors include Bill Gates & George Soros' Open Society Foundation.


HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program)


This carefully documented article on Weather Warfare was first published by Global Research on August 1, 2010.

Some small edits have been made. The CBC, History Channel and Trutv.com (removed) documentaries quoted in the article can now be viewed. They by no means can be considered as “conspiracy theorists”. Morever, the US Air Force has referred to “Owning the Weather for Military Use”.


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