Greta Thunberg's "organizer" is financed by George Soros & Bill Gates

Luisa Neubauer - active,  green and youth ambassador for "ONE

At almost every performance of Greta Thunberg in Germany you always see her in the immediate vicinity: Luisa Neubauer. She organizes the climate strikes in Germany and also the performances of Greta Thunberg in this country. Neubauer is a youth ambassador for "ONE," whose donors include Bill Gates & George Soros' Open Society Foundation.

German old-party politicians and mainstream media are still desperately trying to persuade the people in this country that Greta Thunberg has started her school strike on her own initiative and that her entire campaign is free of any financial interests. There would allegedly be no points of contact with such institutions and groups. Everything is fine honorary and so on.

That is on the part of these politicians and/or media, which express such, either badly investigated or plainly lied. About the entanglements of the family Thunberg with Ingmar Rentzhog and the enterprise We don´t have time we reported already several times. Swedish media recently reported that Rentzhog could bag 9.9 million Swedish crowns (about 930,000 euros) in the new issue with the campaign for which he had chosen Greta as figurehead.

But the entanglements go even further; an entire lobby industry with its representatives stands behind the Greta campaign. Among them is Luisa Neubauer, a young lady who can always be found near her in pictures of Greta's appearances in Germany. Neubauer is a student in Göttingen, a member of the Green Party and youth ambassador of "ONE," an international lobby and campaign organization.

Neubauer is very active, very active in her campaign work. All this costs time and money. The money for "ONE" comes among other things also from the pots of the open Society Fondation (OSF) , as one can read on the sides of ONE . And the OSF is a foundation of the highly controversial billionaire George Soros, who transferred around 18 billion US dollars to the foundation in October 2017.

Where Soros is involved, it's always about power - and money. Nevertheless, the German mainstream media and German politicians are still trying to maintain and spread the fairy tale of Greta, who is not interested in commerce...

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