Rothschild Monsanto destroys farmers, animals and people with genetically modified seeds and food

The total Rothschild blackmail of the whole world with gene seeds, patents and royalties - all covered by the Rothschild-WHO

Its large holdings in seed and chemical companies such as Monsanto, DuPont - the Rothschilds are related to the DuPont family - and Archer Daniels Midland give the Rothschilds access to the world's most important staple foods: corn, rice and wheat. World Trade Organization [WHO] international laws protect these companies' genetically modified (GMO) seeds and refuse to allow farmers to use them unless they pay the royalties due.

GMO seeds are being cheered on, often forced upon unsuspecting farmers at subsidized prices, promising them an increase in yield over their old seeds. This turns out to be hot air after two or three harvests: the harvest yield is well below that of the traditional seed varieties, the GMO plants have to be protected by a special herbicide, for which licence fees are also due. At the same time, the weedkiller destroys the soil and makes it impossible for a long time to plant seeds other than those of the company in question. This destroys traditional agricultural production and makes independent farmers slaves to an international corporation, which they have to buy new seeds from every year at horrendous prices instead of setting aside their own seeds.

GMO seed study by Pusztai in Scotland: genetic potatoes damage rats: smaller brain, liver, heart, weaker immune system.

But it's getting harder. GMO seeds seem to be an attack on the whole of humanity. The Scottish scientist Dr. Arpaid Pusztai came to this conclusion in a study with selected laboratory rats which he fed either with GMO or normal potatoes: The rats which had been fed GMO potatoes for 110 days had a significantly smaller brain, liver and heart as well as a weaker immune system.

After Pusztai had decided to publish the results on a television programme, he was fired from his institute on the orders of Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Other studies came to a similar devastating result.

Aim with Genfood: Making the human mass infertile in order to reduce mankind - the elite has their own organic seed stores

In the food sector, too, the aim is to divide humanity into two different species. From time to time, the fact comes to the attention of the public that the elite GMO does not touch with pincers. The English royal house only accepts food from its own organic cultivation. The Queen has been swearing by raw milk for decades, but it is forbidden by law. The Rockefeller family and Bill Gates have built a huge underground seed bunker on an Arctic island north of Norway "in the event of a major catastrophe". All stored seeds are expressly left natural, the storage of GMO is strictly forbidden. The "great catastrophe" may have already begun when the first GMO seed was planted in the earth.

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