The abuse of children and the mediation of victims seems to be widespread in Hollywood, in the music industry, in politics and even in the press.

Anyone who wants to make a career in film or in the music world - whether as a child star or just as an adult - is forced to take part in the cruel paedophile games of the shadow elites at specially staged parties. Mostly under the influence of a lot of alcohol and drugs. Videos are secretly shot. With this means of pressure you can blackmail anyone and make them obey the agenda of the secret elites or risk social and personal ruin through publication.

In the much quoted Podesta e-mails, about a week before the election FBI boss James Comey wanted to accuse Hillary Clinton of the abuse charges against Pizzagate, there was some evidence for the involvement of the Clintons in the scandal. Hillary's husband Bill prevented the scandal by intervening with prosecutor Loretta Lynch. Hillary Clinton got away again.

There are profound and shocking reasons why pedophilia is covered and supported by these secret services and governments, and why sexual abuse of children is not seriously fought and even promoted: the entanglement and mutual coverage of people in high positions of power in society.

Katy Perry is one of the first stars to deny the criminal methods of the music industry and make them public.

"It's like an exclusive club that you can only join if you do these evil things to innocent children... And it's not just dirty old men, it's all of them. Even the women."
"I need to get out of this world. I just want to be Kathyrn Hudson again."

Her nervous breakdowns at concerts could be the result of the dilemma she had to endure before this courageous confession.

The dominoes fall - those affected venture out of cover

Two-time Oscar winner Jodie Foster also went public. She was lured into this trap by a greasy producer when she was a child, when he could be sure that her parents were not present.

Brad Pitt was himself slandered as an aggressor against his own children after his divorce. Probably because he had dared to address the paedophile scene of the entertainment industry. "Some parents in Hollywood sell their child's soul for fame."

Nicole Kidman already spoke about this topic in June. Director Stanley Kubrick would have told her that the whole world was ruled by pedophiles. He had always been interested in secret machinations. These people are welded together by their obsessions. Everyone knew about the shame of the others. His next film would be thematically located in this scene.

Katy Perry: "If we work together, we can change this. We can save these children."
"I feel like something is changing. Artists are starting to take a stand."

Putin locates a moral crisis deliberately provoked by governments

Even the Russian President expressed himself very clearly in a very open speech on the subject, which was ignored in the West. He said that parties that "promote the propagation of paedophilia" were seriously considered legitimate because of the excesses of political correctness.

The speech has met with renewed interest in the context of the current investigation of US politicians involved in sex trafficking and paedophilia rings (what many Americans call "pedogates"). The basic moral values about what is objectively right or wrong have atrophied and are often associated with Christianity.

In their place, the imperial oligarchs, according to Putin, have established a system that turns the good upside down and replaces it with propaganda that leads to cultural decay and the extinction of one's own identity. A long time ago Putin issued a ban on hypocritical US institutions that had adopted large numbers of children from Russian orphanages and in part placed them with US paedophile rings.

Where is the parents' outcry?

If one considers at the same time the early sexualization in German kindergartens, the "marriage for all", the toleration of child marriages among Muslims or the minor punishments for convicted child molesters, one can assume a politically prescribed social tolerance for child abuse.

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