The Rothschilds Political control Economy and media

The lying principles of the Zionist Rothschilds: lying, twisting things, withholding information, causing misjudgments, etc.

If someone claimed that the mass media were just lying to us all day, I would have to contradict them clearly. The word "lie" always contains the accusation of deliberate deception. But once a reporter is convinced that the propaganda he has been chewed on for decades is the truth, he is no longer a liar. I would rather use the word "disinformation" instead of "lie", because squaring the circle cannot be the permanent state. Rather, the most common tactic is to create confusion and to overwhelm the consumer with an avalanche of facts and information that he does not understand or cannot understand at all. True connections remain unclear: it's like a crime film whose first hour you missed. There is no context at all. I cannot understand why the Commissioner suspects this or that person of a murder, because I do not know at all what it is all about. Our media deliberately only show the last five minutes of this crime thriller, which does not change the fact that the crime thriller is still the same crime thriller. Withholding information from someone has exactly the same effect as lying. To tell the truth and put it in a false or no context is disinformation. Today such a thing is called "objectivity". As if one could objectively report on how people are put into a concentration camp on their own doorstep

Every newspaper reader knows that the Greek state is sitting on a huge mountain of debt. This information is objectively absolutely correct. But already at this point the train of thought is coming to an end. It is not reported which banks have debts to Greece, who owns these banks, who founded these banks and how these banks work. And above all, what a diabolical agenda these banks are pursuing. The helpless newspaper reader looks helplessly at a complex picture of hundreds of problems and solutions, all of which do not hit the heart of the problem. Resignation quickly sets in. The reader comes to the conclusion that the problem must be extremely complete and that the important decisions should be made by capable experts. In this state one is a confused sheep on the way to the slaughter.

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