We demand censorship stop of free media

We demand censorship stop of free media

Freedom of expression is the guaranteed subjective right to free speech as well as free expression and (public) spreading of an opinion in word, writing and picture as well as all other available means of transmission.

All people must be able and enabled to express their opinions freely and to seek, receive and communicate information and ideas without regard to boundaries. 

We neither threaten violence nor accept violent intimidation.

  • We use every opportunity to spread knowledge and do not tolerate any taboos.
  • We need uncensored, diverse and trustworthy media to make informed decisions and participate fully in public life.
  • We speak openly and with robust civility about all kinds of differences between people.
  • We respect all believers, but not necessarily all beliefs.
  • We should be able to protect our privacy and counter reputational harm. However, we should also accept restrictions on privacy if it is in the public interest
  • We must be empowered to challenge restrictions on freedom of information, such as those based on the protection of national security.  
  • We defend the Internet and other means of communication against illegal interference by public and private powers.
  • We make our own decisions and bear the consequences.

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